How Much Plastic Surgery Has Kylie Jenner Had?

Now the businesswoman and model Kylie Jenner is a role model for girls around the world.

The TV star began her career as a child, taking part in a show with her sisters and parents. This show was dedicated to the beautiful life of her family. Kylie was 10 years old when the TV project blew up all the ratings. Each of the sisters instantly became a star. Over the years, Jenner has transformed from a rich girl into an idol of millions.

She was engaged in the production of cosmetics, promoting advertising campaigns, and her images have been discussed by the public for a long time. She is the youngest dollar billionaire in history.kylie jenner

However, attentive viewers can see that Kylie’s face and body have undergone significant changes. It’s all about plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures that a businesswoman has done.

Today we will find out what Jenner has resorted to to be like the standard of modern fashion.

During the first social events, the young star appeared with a charming fluffy bangs. Kylie’s first experiments with hair coloring are already visible – fashionable contrasting ombre.

Later Jenner decided to get rid of the bangs. Its absence opened the face of a young girl, and high hairstyles further emphasized the facial features.

The main change for Kylie that most transformed the her appearance was lip augmentation. Fillers simply transformed the girl’s thin lips, giving them a tempting plumpness.

Another step was the use of veneers. Kylie’s teeth are naturally quite straight and white, but the removable pads made her smile perfect.

Jenner also performed mentoplasty – changing the shape of the lower jaw and chin. She also has undergone rhinoplasty. Her nose has become slimmer and thinner, the lower part of the face is more prominent and thinner.

Kylie Jenner resorted to face contouring and made her cheekbones more sharpened. She also underwent mammoplasty from size 1 to size 3. The changes also affected the buttocks – the TV star artificially increased them.

Apparently, Kylie also removed some of the ribs to enhance the contrast between the curvy buttocks and breasts. Well, now Jenner is a real example of modern fashion: full lips, highlighted cheekbones, curvy shapes, which the businesswoman emphasizes with tight-fitting clothes.

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