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Guide to Plastic Surgery – Things You Need to Know

Guide to Plastic Surgery - Things to Need to Know

There are many ways to improve your appearance and build your confidence.

Plastic surgery is a branch of surgery that deals with surgical interventions aimed at eliminating deformations and defects of any organ, tissue or surface of the human body.

Based on the purpose of plastic surgery, it is divided into two major areas.

Reconstructive plastic surgery vs aesthetic plastic surgery

  1. The first is the so-called reconstructive plastic surgery. Its main purpose is to correct the shape and functions of human organs and tissues that have suffered as a result of external influences (trauma, disease) or have congenital pathologies. The level of modern plastic surgery allows surgeons to successfully correct defects in the face and body of a person, resulting from road traffic accidents, domestic accidents (thermal burns, cuts, deep wounds and scars). The same category includes the correction of postoperative disorders of the forms and functions of various parts of the body, including the correction of the consequences of unsuccessful previous plastic surgeries. Plastic surgeons perform operations to eliminate congenital defects, for example, the absence or underdevelopment of various parts of the body;
  2. The second area is aesthetic plastic surgery. The main goal of the plastic surgeon’s clients, in this case, is the elimination and correction of defects in body parts to maintain or create an attractive appearance. A distinctive feature in this direction is that the patient, as a rule, determines the need for correction and carrying out certain operations independently and then con-tacts a plastic surgeon.

Most popular types of plastic surgeries

The most popular plastic surgeries are:

Plastic surgery. Pros and cons

The possibilities of modern plastic surgery are immense. Very few people will refuse to undergo plastic surgery if they have the time and funds.

The advantages of plastic surgery are obvious:

Certain diseases and conditions can serve as an indisputable argument against plastic surgery.

Contraindications for plastic surgery:

Other disadvantages of plastic surgery often include high prices for plastic surgery and long, painful rehabilitation.

Indeed, the prices for plastic surgery can “bite”, but this is easily explained.

The cost of plastic surgery is made up of many factors, such as:

Truly high-quality medical services cannot be cheap. If plastic surgery is offered at an astonishingly low price, this is a reason to think, not to be happy.

You should not skimp on beauty, especially since fixing a poorly done job will cost many times more. It is better to take a loan for plastic surgery in a trustworthy clinic or pay for the service in installments.

As for the problem of long-term recovery, in many ways, it is no longer relevant. Thanks to modern techniques and the latest equipment, the plastic surgeon achieves impressive results without significant tissue trauma and with a minimum rehabilitation period. The patient gets the desired result quickly and with all possible comfort.

However, the method and scope of intervention is determined by the task facing the surgeon. According to statistics, the most plastic popular surgeries today are anti-aging operations, which implies that the patient has severe tissue ptosis and sagging skin.

The doctor conducting such a plastic surgery will probably give preference to a more radical but also more effective method. And such operations, indeed, may require a relatively long recovery.

And yet, no matter how simple or time-consuming the operation is, the most important thing is who performs it. After all, there is no single treatment regimen that is suitable for everyone. A good plastic surgeon selects the optimal solution for each patient, taking into account his or her individual characteristics.

The “right” plastic surgery clinic: how to find it?

Competent preparation for plastic surgery is not only about passing a mandatory medical examination (although it is extremely important to pass all the necessary tests). But the main thing is not to make a mistake with the clinic.

When choosing a clinic in plastic surgery in Korea or another country, make an action plan:

  1. Study the data about the medical institution you like (length of service, availability of documents prescribed by law, location, certification with the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery – IBCS);
  2. Read the reviews of patients with photos before and after plastic surgery both on the clinic’s website and on the Internet;
  3. Visit the department of plastic surgery you are interested in, talk to the staff, make sure that there are operating rooms, their own hospital, etc;
  4. Meet with the selected doctor, check out his/her portfolio. Ask the surgeon to show you his/her plastic surgeon certificate.

If you still have any doubts, it is worth taking a break for reflection and going to other institutions. There are many plastic surgery clinics in Korea and America, you will certainly find your own.

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